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The Tim Brauch Foundation wouldn't be possible without our awesome board members, junior board members and volunteers.






Cindi Busenhart

Founder, Chair

Cindi is the founder and CEO of MERGE4, a quality driven sock brand featuring artists, athletes, musicians, and personalities. In April of 2012 Cindi was recognized as a Woman of Influence by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal as one of "100 new names of women in high level positions after change in their industries and their communities". In November of 2012 Cindi and her son Brigg were featured on the cover of Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal's Giving Guide as the recipient of one of three impact awards for philanthropy. 


Jocelyn Massey


Jocelyn Massey's family has been in Santa Cruz for six generations, going back to 1851. She is proud of her local heritage and has lived up to it by getting involved in sports, and serving as the Board Secretary for the Tim Brauch Foundation since 2012. A graduate of Cypress Charter High School, Jocelyn is now attending Cabrillo College with the goal of completing the Radiologic Technology Program.


Nick Saporito

Vice Chair

A strong desire to give back in a way that benefited kids in his own community is what led Nick to join the board in 2016. Nick loves working with his two sons, Trae, and Vinnie Saporito, who are also on the board, and making the amazing trophies that are awarded to the Tim Brauch Skate Contest winners!


Brigg Busenhart

Brigg has been an active volunteer with the Tim Brauch Foundation since elementary school and joined the junior board in 2012, eventually serving as Junior Chair for the foundation and in 2018. Brigg has been a project lead in everything from grant writing to overseeing the raffle at the annual contests. Brigg is a AAA beach volleyball player and played volleyball for Santa Barbara City College. Brigg is also an avid surfer.


Scott Greathouse

A close friend of Tim’s, Scotty is an artist out of Santa Cruz who leads our very own Interactive Art Connection. Scotty keeps Tim’s spirit alive through his art projects, which are primarily focused on uplifting and educating children and carrying Tim’s love for the arts and respect for our youth. Scotty is a father of two who loves motocross, skateboarding and volunteering. His website is ... check out the projects he’s directed with the Tim Brauch Foundation as his fiscal sponsor!


Chris Colip

A life long Santa Cruz resident, Chris joined the Tim Brauch Foundation as a junior board member and has enjoyed every year of it. After returning from college Chris was eager to return to the foundation and currently serves on the board helping to plan the next big contest.


Karen Hunt

Karen is a professional assistant and has worked with and been affiliated with Sessions and the Tim Brauch Foundation since 2003. She has been an active board member since 2013. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Karen has enjoyed many years of surfing, sailing, and fishing. 


Izabella Thomas

Izabella joined the Tim Brauch foundation in 2013 as a junior board member. After graduating high school, Izabella attended Cabrillo College and graduated with an Associates in Anthropology. She is currently studying Anthropology at UCLA and continues being an active member of her hometown and community.


Haley Turner

Haley is the Digital Marketing Manager at MERGE4 and the Tim Brauch Foundation's newest board member. She brings experience in marketing and writing and built this shiny new website! Haley is a Santa Cruz native, snowboarder, cat-lover and a UCSB alumna - go Gauchos!



Junior Board

Isabella Cambell

Bella has lived in Santa Cruz her whole life, she loves to play volleyball, draw, and go to the beach. She is a setter for Main Beach and Mount Madonna High School. She’s now a board member on the Tim Brauch Foundation because she wants to learn what it’s like to run a non profit organization and learn more about the business side of things. When she’s older she wants to major in environmental sciences and travel all around the world to help and study different types of animals.


Trae Saporito

Trae is a student at Santa Cruz High and has been on the board since 2016 but has been skating in the annual Tim Brauch Skate Contest since 2010. Trae was a scholarship recipient for Woodward West and joined the board as a way to give back to the Tim Brauch Foundation for his scholarship. Trae loves skating because he believes it is a fun social way to make new friends and it brings people together.

Vinny Saporito

Vinny is our youngest junior board member and sits on the board along with his dad and brother. He was a scholarship recipient for Woodward West and has been awarded camper of the week. Vinnie has also competed and won in the OTB Skate Jam at Monterey Park. Vinny loves skating because he can make new friends and his favorite part of the board meetings is the pizza. 


Ciela Diffenbaugh

Ciela has lived in the Bay Area for 6 years, but only recently has she experienced life in Santa Cruz. She is a junior board member at the Tim Branch foundation and enjoys the work experience and leadership skills it provides. A student at Mount Madonna High School, Ciela is an aspiring artist and pianist, who’s goals include personal growth and capturing the beauty of life.



Angie Gruys 

Carroll Harrington

David Rodriguez

Krysta Depp

Marlene Harden 

Myla Rodriguez

Tim O'Neil  

Vic Yanez

Junior Chavez

Jill Chavez

Marco Chavez



Amelia Busenhart 2017 - University of California at Santa Barbara

Brigg Busenhart 2019 - Santa Barbara City College

Chris Colip 2016 - Willamette University 

Julian Glina 2017 - University of California Berkeley

Kiana Radliff 2018 - University of California at Santa Barbara

Nate Vince 2017 - University of California Davis

Nico Ponza 2013 - Stanford University 

Taj Yanez 2017 - Santa Barbara City College

Zach Wagner 2018- Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Mara Peruzzi 2019 - University of San Diego

Maya Colehower 2019 - University of California at Santa Barbara

Luca Peruzzi 2019 - Loyola Marymount University 

Rikki Radliff 2019 - University of California at Santa Barbara

Tabitha Hardin-Zollo 2019 - Sara Lawrence College

Izabella Thomas 2019- University of California at Los Angeles

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